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Real Brides

<p class="font_8">Amit Berenstein is wearing<em> Nur</em></p>

Amit Berenstein

Amit Berenstein is wearing Nur

(Tel Aviv, Israel)

<p class="font_8">Bar Koma is wearing <em>Nur</em></p>

Bar Koma

Bar Koma is wearing Nur

(Tel Aviv, Israel)

<p class="font_8">Bar Koma is wearing<em> Jenna</em></p>

Bar Koma

Bar Koma is wearing Jenna

(Tel Aviv, Israel)

<p class="font_8">Kelly Smith is wearing<em> Nara</em></p>

Kelly Smith

Kelly Smith is wearing Nara

(Philadelphia, PA)

<p class="font_8">Lauren Reid is wearing<em> Jenna</em></p>

Lauren Reid

Lauren Reid is wearing Jenna

(Los Cabos)

<p class="font_8">Malina Kragmann is wearing<em> Vittoria</em></p>

Malina Kragmann

Malina Kragmann is wearing Vittoria

(Mallorca, Spain)

<p class="font_8">Maya Cohen is wearing<em> Rome</em></p>

Maya Cohen

Maya Cohen is wearing Rome

(Tel Aviv Israel)

<p class="font_8">Nicole Sozzi is wearing <em>Adi</em></p>

Nicole Sozzi

Nicole Sozzi is wearing Adi

(Miami, Florida)

<p class="font_8">Rachel Hendra is wearing <em>Jenna</em></p>

Rachel Hendra

Rachel Hendra is wearing Jenna

(San Francisco, CA)

<p class="font_8">Rhylae LaBrec is wearing <em>Chloe</em></p>

Rhylae LaBrec

Rhylae LaBrec is wearing Chloe

(Florence, Italy)

<p class="font_8">Samara is wearing<em> Tara</em></p>


Samara is wearing Tara

(Tarrytown, NY)

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