The Perfect Wedding Gown for your Zodiac Sign

The Perfect Wedding Gown for your Zodiac Sign

Every woman has its own charm and traits that make her unique. However, it is commonly believed that her zodiac sign will define some aspects of her personality. Myth or reality? We can’t be certain, but it’s always a fun game to play…

We have selected for you the best Dana Harel gown that matches your astrological sign. 

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The Annaelle gown matches perfectly the bold and daring personality of the Aries. Not afraid to take fashion risks, this sign of fire will know how to slay in this delicate yet sexy piece.


This sign loves luxury but not in an extravagant way. Taurus brides are looking for quality fabrics that are very delicate and bring a touch of luxury to their look. They will appreciate the classic look of the Tara dress made of Mikado silk and Chantilly lace.


Geminis would wear a dress that is worth talking about and in which they will feel good. As a sign of air, the Nara will give the wow effect they are looking for while creating a soft airy look.


This sign is ruled by the moon. Cancers will go for romantic dresses, very feminine and nurturing like our Harper gown. This goddess delicate look features detachable “wings” creating a dreamy flow.


We cannot think of a better dress than our Sasha to match the fire personality of a Leo. This show dress will stand out and drag everyone’s eyes towards the queen of the event!


Details make the difference for Virgos. They are classic but not traditional and will choose a shape that will accentuate and elongate the body such as our Anna gown.


Libras are attracted to luxurious impressive dresses but as a sign of air they will want their gown to remain soft and light. Our sophisticated Nadine will make the Libra bride say yes!


The sex appeal sign requires a sex appeal dress! Our Aline gown will reveal the power and magnitude of this sign with its side slit and sweetheart neckline.


A Sagittarius needs an impactful dress, full of joy and glitter. Embroidered with crystals, our Madeline gown is the perfect bridal party dress they are looking for.


Sophisticated and down to earth, the Capricorn will obviously choose a sharp look such as our Daria dress. The removable scarf on the neckline and slit creates a simple yet extremely elegant look.


The sign of Aquarius typically likes to think outside the box and to go against traditions. They would go for an original gown such as our Kaya featuring embroideries in a geometrical pattern and puff sleeves.


Pisces follow their intuition. Instead of looking for a gown, they will let the gown come to them. Dreamy and inspired by nature, our Celeste will fulfill their romantic soul.