Over The Moon Co-Founder Alexandra Macon’s crem de la crem recommendations on wedding planning

Over The Moon Co-Founder Alexandra Macon’s crem de la crem recommendations on wedding planning

Alexandra Macon, co-founder of the leading wedding blog Over The Moon and Vogue Living Editor, has covered as well as attended some of the world’s most incredible weddings – it’s safe to say that she knows a thing or two about wedding planning. Below, are Alexandra’s recommendations on the elements that make an exceptional wedding. 

For how many years have you been in the wedding industry? 

I launched Over The Moon in 2015. 

What in your opinion are some of the most outstanding and memorable trends in weddings?

Over the years, the most memorable and impactful trend is the move to mix and match RTW bridesmaids dresses. Going this route, instead of putting everyone in dresses they will truly never wear again, elevates the entire look and feel of the wedding, making it much more nuanced and personal. 

Favorite wedding venues in the US? 

Belle Haven Club, The Breakers , Four Seasons Resort Lanai, Boston Public Library, The Crane Estate, The Mansion At Natirar, and The Plaza.

Courtesy of The Mansion At Natirar

Favorite international wedding venues?

Rodin Museum, Château de Montfort, Château de la Bourdaisiere, Rosewood Mayakoba, Four Seasons Hotel Firenze, Castello di Gargonza, Villa Cora and Hotel Villa Cimbrone.

Courtesy of Villa Cora, Photographer Tuscany

Who, in your opinion, is the best wedding planner of iconic weddings? 

Yifat Oren, Bronson van Wyck, Bryan Rafanelli, Jennifer Zabinski, Jung Lee, and Marcy Blum.

Which flowers would you recommend to compliment the wedding of all weddings? 

If you’re looking for flowers for the “wedding of all weddings,” they have to be done by Vincenzo D’Ascanio. He’s the master of the major floral moment!
Pop Up Florist, Ode de la Rose, Fox Fodder Farm, are all also favorites of mine.

Courtesy of Vincenzo D’Ascanio

Best wedding photographers? 

Dotun Ayodeji, Mel Barlow, James Christianson and Otto Schulze, Nathan Coe , Lucy Cuneo and Sarah DiCicco.

Best wedding invitation designers? 

LouLou Baker, CestRiley, Janelle Sing, Inslee By Design, and Stephanie Fishwick.

Courtesy of Janelle Sing

Do you have a favorite wedding that you’ve covered? and the reason for its being your favorite?

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding—I went to Windsor for the festivities, and it was magical! 

What are the dreamiest hotel accommodations/destinations for honeymoons? 

I personally love South Africa as a honeymoon destination. It’s an adventure and a once-in-a-lifetime kind of trip, so there’s no better time to do it than as newlyweds! 

Advice for future brides?

Hire a photographer you feel comfortable with. Have them focus on candids but also make sure they take the time to get bridal portraits that you’ll cherish forever.

Try to keep everything in perspective. Everything may not be perfect, but if you’re enjoying yourself, everyone else will too! If you’re out on the dance floor, you’re guests will be there right along with you!