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If Our Gowns Could Speak…

If Our Gowns Could Speak…

If our gowns could speak, each one would have its own personality. Some would be the loud ones in the room, whereas others would be the opposite. The dress you choose says a lot about who you are as a person: is your dress bolder? Or do you prefer a minimalistic look? We’ve stepped in the brains of each one of our gowns from our Silver Lining collection to paint a picture of what each one would be like if they had a mind of their own. Follow along and see which gown you would be!



Meet Tara, she’s shy at first but when you get to know her she’s bold and ambitious. Tara is perfect for a bride that is looking for a conservative gown with a twist. The elegant lace bodysuit paired with the gorgeous mikado silk gown is classy with a side of sass.

Tara side



Aline is classy, sweet, and daring all at the same time. Covered in beautiful embroidered fabric, her corset is extremely graceful. Although she is graceful, her thigh-high slit allows her more daring side to come out.



When somebody meets Annaelle, they are encapsulated by her unique design and creative shape. If you’re getting married somewhere where the weather is hot, or if you are just looking for a distinctive design, Annaelle is your soulmate.

Annaelle front1



Everybody has that friend that just walks with grace. Chloe is straight out of a 1950s movie and is effortlessly gorgeous. Her a-line shape and corseted design are extremely flattering on every body type.



Iris’ shape and design are timeless. Her classic v-neck neckline is quintessential. Although she has a graceful appearance, her leg slit gives her a sexy edge.

Iris front1



Nadine is delicate and courageous. Her flowy skirt allows her to be a free spirit, while her intricately made corset shows off her dainty side. Nadine’s silver metal threads and custom flowers make her special.

Nadine front



Sasha screams glamorous! Her head-to-toe beaded design and plunged neckline turn heads. She is unapologetically herself and knows her worth.

Sasha front