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Gowns According to the Month You Get Married…

Gowns According to the Month You Get Married…

Belle Wide

2021: A year full of bold color palettes, 90’s inspired gowns, and micro-weddings. With weddings starting to make a comeback in 2021,  this year’s wedding trends were imaginative and creative. 

After 2020 put the world on pause, brides were ready to go all out for their big days. Gowns were more fierce than ever, receptions were over the top, and most importantly brides were ready to say “I do” to the man of their dreams.

Every month of the year has a unique voice. February is notoriously known as the most romantic month of the year,  whereas July’s heat calls for indoor weddings and lightweight attire. Each month has its benefits and draws in a specific type of bride. Follow along to see which bride you are according to the month you get married. 

January: Sasha

Sasha front

If you’re brave enough to face the colder temperatures of a January wedding, then Sasha is your match made in heaven. Embodying a bold, glamorous gown from an old Hollywood event, Sasha is composed of off-white custom tulle fabric designed by Dana Harel. Bring in the new year with Sasha to start fresh on the right foot. 

February: Dalia 


Hopeless romantic describes the relationship between Dalia and the month of February. Inspired by French lingerie, corsets, and other romantic elements, Dalia’s delicate touches encapsulate what Valentine’s Day wedding symbolizes. 

March: Naomi 

LB Naomi Front

Calling all spring lovers! March is the first month of spring in the Northern Hemisphere, and Naomi’s short-sleeves and rope belt are great for a spring wedding. If you live in an environment where March can get really warm, really quickly, Naomi is composed of an open-back and plunged neckline to allow for some air. If the area you live in is cooler, have no fear as Naomi’s cap slides will keep you warm. 

April: Belle 


Perfect for a Garden Party, or Easter occasion, Belle’s hand-embroidered tulle fabric, and a-line shape bring out the fresh, feminine, and floral aspects of tea time. The sweetheart neckline on Belle resembles a heart and represents the everlasting love of a bride and her groom. 

May: Chloe 

Chloe front1

As one may say, “April showers bring May flowers”. As a tribute to the month of May being the start of beautiful blooming petals, Chloe’s floral beads resemble May’s colorful blossoms. When choosing the accessories to use at your wedding, floral bouquets are something that brides think deeply about. The 50’s inspired tulle that Chloe is composed of is designed for a pin-up bride. 

June: Nara

Nara - New Dawn - Dana Harel

Nara’s pleading effect and the layered fabric are designed for a goddess. With June being the start of the warmest months, Nara’s flowy layers are breathable and lightweight. Also, Nara’s high-rise leg slit is sexy yet sophisticated. 

July: Jenna


During the peak of the warm weather, Jenna’s simple design is perfect for a July bride. When the sun is blaring, the last thing a bride wants is to become a sweaty mess! The simplistic design and thin straps that Jenna possesses will have you comfortably dancing all night long.

August: Isabella

Inspired by the desert, Isabella’s whimsical design and bold beading pattern resemble the untouched beauty that deserts emit. Isabella is a gown made for the free-spirited bride who is looking to wear something she is comfortable in while also making a statement.  

September: Rome 


With the weather transitioning to the fall months, Rome’s versatile capabilities suit the weather’s erratic patterns. Wear Rome without the cape while it’s warm during the ceremony, and then remove the cape for a lightweight reception look.

October: Harper


Boo! It’s October which means Halloween is right around the corner. Although costumes are what Halloween is really about, dressing up can be portrayed in multiple different ways. Harper’s wings will have you embracing your inner wonder woman. Gal Gadot, where are you at? 

November: Adi

In November, there are many things to be grateful for, and Thanksgiving is the holiday to say thank you to all your loved ones. November weddings are some of the most popular to date as the weather is perfect and so are the dresses that come with it. Adi’s off-the-shoulder skeeves and head-to-toe lace design are made for a November bride.

December: Tara

Tara side

With the holidays right around the corner and the climate on the colder side, Tara’s turtleneck lace bodysuit matched with draped ivory mikado silk fabric will keep you warm while looking jaw-dropping. Not only does Tara look sleek, but it also is composed of an especially long train. 

This year has been full of ups and downs, but we couldn’t have gotten through it without our Dana Harel family. We wish each and every one of you a Happy New Year and a year full of love and joy. If you had to pick, which month would you get married in?