Breaking Bridal Barriers: Atypical Gowns

Breaking Bridal Barriers: Atypical Gowns

When many brides think of what their wedding gown is going to look like, they think of a long, white gown that most likely incorporates lace or beads. Although this is the norm, some of the more atypical brides are looking for unconventional gowns that make them stand out from the crowd. Whether it’s a dramatic silhouette or a Hollywood-inspired design, brides wearing non-traditional gowns are bound to turn heads. 

Let’s be real here though, many of us have had our ideal wedding dress stuck in our heads for many years, but if you happen to be one of the daring brides who is looking for a dress that none of your guests are expecting you to wear, we have you covered. For those who think outside the box, or those who are just looking for some unique wedding gown inspiration we have put together our top seven most uncommon dresses. 

Which one of these gowns would you be most likely to wear? 

For a Mini-Dress with a Flare: Annaelle

Annaelle’s mini dress base is what makes this gown unique. Annaelle has a lace mini skirt that is draped with silk tulle creating two slits up the legs.  

A Modern-Take on Hollywood Glam: Sasha

Sasha front

Sasha is perfect for a bride who is searching for a fierce long-sleeve gown. Sasha is composed of a lace base and is covered head-to-toe in glamorous embroidered fabric. 

For a Greek Goddess Esque Bride: Harper 

What makes the Harper unique is its cape. Remove the detachable cape for a more classic look or make a statement while wearing the floral embroidered cape. 

A Tribute to the Fashionistas: Kaya

For brides looking for a gown that truly turns heads, the Kaya is a perfect fit. Kaya’s puff sleeves with beaded tassels and see-through high collar are elegant and bold. 

For the Playful Bride: Denise

Denise’s sheer, ruffled polka dot skirt is perfect for a bride looking to add a little spice to her wedding gown. The off-the-shoulder neckline presents a flattering and unique touch. 

A Hidden Treasure: Alexandra

Alexandra’s deep v-neck and double slit skirt are bold and ambitious. Although the overall appearance of this gown may appear classic, the lace mini skirt is perfect for a subtle flare.

A Midi-Dress Dream: Elle

Looking for a midi-dress wedding gown? If so, Elle is perfect for you. This spaghetti strap, floral embroidered dream dress is fit for a bride looking for an eccentric twist.