A Look Inside the Royal Family’s Weddings

A Look Inside the Royal Family’s Weddings

Royal Weddings: the most memorable and prestigious weddings in the world. In British history, royal weddings are anticipated for years. Millions of people worldwide, hone into their local broadcast to watch the marriage ceremony of a soon-to-be royal couple unfold. The Royal Family, arguably the most reputable family in the nation, spends countless hours preparing for their wedding to be put on a pedestal. 

One of the most exciting parts of royal weddings is seeing what gown the noble bride will be wearing. From Princess Diana’s ivory, silk taffeta, 25-foot train gown to Catherine Middleton’s western-inspired satin and lace elegant getup, in many viewers’ minds, seeing the bride’s gown is the moment they look forward to. 

Regardless of the time in which the couple gets married, it’s safe to say that fashion trends play a large role in this magnificent day. We have found a bloody good match to each royal’s beautiful gown. Let’s explore some of the most notable trends and see which Dana Harel gown compares!  

Queen Elizabeth & Prince Phillip x Yana :

Married in 1947 at Westminster Abbey, Queen Elizabeth married Prince Phillip wearing a ivory silk and rich satin gown embroidered with flowers. Similar to Queen Elizabeth’s gown, our Yana is also created from satin fabric. Both gowns are so smooth that they nearly look like they are glowing. At the time which Queen Elizabeth purchased her wedding gown, the world was experiencing an economic decline. Because of this, she purchased her wedding dress using coupons. Designer Norman Hartnell, constructed this gown with a 13-foot train to symbolize regrowth after the war. The shape of this gown was a high neckline, tailored bodice, and was finalized a whooping three months prior to the ceremony. 

Queen Elizabeth Image
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Princess Diana & Prince Charles x Rome: 

Becoming one of the most famous dresses in the world, Lady Diana Spencer tied the knot with Prince Charles wearing a stunning ivory silk taffeta and antique lace gown. Designers David and Elizabeth Emanuel handcrafted this beauty with nearly 10,000 pearls, sequins, and lace fringed bodice. With puffed sleeves popping up everywhere during the time period of Princess Diana’s wedding, many people were impressed by her overall look. The cape on our Rome gown resembles the puffed effect that Diana’s gown emitted. Along with the sleeves, Diana integrated a small blue bow in the center of the gown to symbolize “something blue” and an 18-karat gold horseshoe for good luck.

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Sarah Furgeson & Prince Andrew x Liz:

Also married at Westminster Abbey, Sarah Ferguson walked down the aisle wearing a gown designed by Lidka Cierach. Sarah’s gown blew away the audience and later became one of the most envied styles of the decade. Constructed of ivory duchess satin and heavy beading, the entire world had their eyes on Sarah Furgeson during her big day. One of the most remarkable parts of Ferguson’s gown was the 17-foot train that had A and S sewn into it with silver beads. Likewise, the Liz gown is composed of romantic tulle fabric that is covered in custom beading. Both Liz and Sarah’s gown make every woman feel dashing.

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liz - new dawn - Dana Harel
liz – new dawn – Dana Harel

Princess Anne & Mark Phillips x Olivia: 

Princess Anne flaunted a Tudor-style wedding gown before saying “I do” to her husband Mark Phillips. The Princess chose this style gown as it reassembled gowns and fashion from medieval times. The body of the gown was high-waisted and high-necked allowing for extreme elegance. Also quite elegant, the Olivia allows brides to feel comfortable while wearing this gown due to its high neckline and flattering shape. High necklines are not only refined but are also quite delicate. Being the only daughter of Queen Elizabeth, Anne wanted something that was equally as chic and it was sophisticated.  

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Sophie Rhys-Jones & Prince Edward x Emery:

Created by Samantha Shaw, Sophie Rhys-Jones married the Queen’s youngest son, Prince Edward, in hand-dyed silk organza and hand-dyed crepe gown. Sophie’s gown was constructed from nearly 325,000 cut-glass and pearl beads and was long-sleeved with a v neckline. If you’re willing to take the plunge, the Emery matches Sophie’s gown’s neckline to a T. Although v-necks sometimes can be slightly daunting, Emery’s neckline is more subtle. What was especially beautiful about Sophie’s gown was the veil that she wore it with. Being slightly longer than the end of the skirt, the lengthy veil gave off a beautiful layered effect. 

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Emery - New Dawn - Dana Harel

Catherine Middleton & Prince William x Sasha: 

Now known as the Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine Middleton flaunted a stunning Alexander McQueen gown during her marriage to Prince William in 2011. Prior to the ceremony, the entire world was speculating about what the gown would look like. Some thought it would be a ballgown, whereas others believed it would be something more form-fitting. The dress that Catherine wore was a perfect blend between modern and traditional. The gown was constructed of an ivory satin bodice, floral motif cuts, a full skirt, and lace fabrics. One of the most unique aspects of Catherine’s gown was its double neckline. Sasha‘s body is also constructed of a double neckline, complimenting the bride’s collarbones exquisitely. Similar to Prince William’s mother, Princess Diana, Catherine incorporated a blue ribbon into her gown to signify “something blue”. 

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Prince Harry & Meghan Markle x Adi:

The latest royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle definitely turned heads. Meghan’s gown was created by Clare Waight Keller, the director of Givenchy. It was made from simple white silk and had three-quarter length sleeves and a boat neckline. Besides the fabric that the Adi is constructed from, these two dresses are two peas in a pod. The neckline and shape of both these gowns resemble one another’s state-of-the-art designs. Both gowns are simple and timeless. One of the most notable parts of Meghan’s look was her veil as it was embroidered with flowers to represent her home state’s flower, the California Poppy.